Some Gadgets to Help Sitting


The standard Harley Proform Range by Spinal Products Ltd gives you maximum comfort for minimum outlay.

Manufactured from high-grade nodular foam that allows air to circulate freely, they come in three types: Standard for all-round comfort; Coccyx to relieve pressure at the base of the spine and Combi, that relieves pressure on the bony bits.

The wedge

The Harley Designer Wedge range helps to correct lower back pain caused by poor posture. It tilts the pelvis so the hips are higher than the knees, taking the strain away from the lower back.

Each wedge can be supplied with the coccyx relief cut out for comfort if you need to isolate sensitive areas.

Choose an 8-degree tilt to maintain the natural “S” shape of the spine or an 11-degree tilt that keeps the pelvis in the optimum position for the spine. There’s also a slim-line version that’s ideal for the car as it levels the seat.

Back supports

There are many different types and sizes. The circular rolls are ideal for padded seats and the “D”- shaped ones are better for a flat-backed seat; both help to give you the correct posture when sitting.

The Harley Designer Back Support has shaped sides that offer lateral support and hold the lumbar spine in the correct position. The massage back support is battery-powered and can give you a soothing massage in the car or at home.

Mattress overlays

These are designed to be used on top of your mattress. Proper support is essential and there must be no pressure points or distortions.

The Harley Ripple Mattress Topper has hundreds of rounded foam contours, which evenly spread body pressure and allow air to circulate, keeping you cool.

Memory foam toppers come in different thicknesses, but if you have an unyielding bed, a 1 inch (5cm) version should transform your sleep as it relieves pressure on bony areas. The wool bed fleece has the ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter as well as giving you a degree of pressure relief. Unlike polyester fleeces, wool can absorb 33% of its own moisture in weight without feeling damp. The 1 inch pile naturally disperses the pressure.